I got my first corgi in 1983, he was a tricoloured dog called MIDNIGHT FIRECRACKER (Jake), from what is now the Corgwood Kennel, and although I didnít get to many shows with him, he fathered my very first litter of corgis.

My KC Affix ELESSAR came in 1991 when my first show dog ELESSAR NOTSOHASTY (Woody) was born. He had a wonderful first show, gaining Best Puppy in Breed and then Best Working Group Puppy. I was well and truly hooked on the dog showing scene.

In 1992 the twin girls came along (ELESSAR DOUBLE TROUBLE and ELESSAR DOUBLE DAZZLE), sired by Ch. Brynelli Double Or Nothing. DOUBLE TROUBLE (Trim) was really the foundation to my line. She produced ELESSAR DOUBLE ECLIPSE (Bee) whose father was Ch. Cordach Tribune. Bee had a huge litter (12) sired by Ch. Belroyd Greenshank of Brynelli and I kept Angie (ELESSAR DOUBLE SILK) who is the mother of my stars.

In 1999 I fell in love with and bought SHEROLIE STARBUCK LORD FOR ELESSAR who was a lovely tricoloured boy who sired Gemma and Annie (ELESSAR DOUBLE RUMOUR and ELESSAR DOUBLE HONOUR) in 2001, before going to live in California. Dillon is now an American Champion. In 2000 Angie produced a wonderful litter of nine by Ch. Ninacorte Star Caster At Woodhenge and the stars of my kennel were born.


CHAMPION ELESSAR DOUBLE THRILLER (Boysee) who has 3 CC's (1 with BOB), 5RCCs and many BDíS, RBDíS, Best of Sex, Reserve Best of Sex, BISí AND RBISís and ELESSAR DOUBLE GLORY (Bridget) who has 1CC, (with BOB) 5RCCs and many BBís, RBBís, Best of Sex, Reserve Best of Sex, RBISís and BISís. Their litter brother ELESSAR DOUBLE IMPACT (Ben) is now a Canadian Champion and lives in California with Dillon.

I canít imagine life without my corgis, they are my much loved pets and companions that go to shows as well. I hope you enjoy seeing them.Ē

Where my Affix came from...

Years ago, in the early 1980ís I was heavily involved in showing Siamese Cats. I bought a young male called Hobbit Aragorn.  He was a Red Point Siamese and I called him Harry.  From the day of his first Championship Show at the tender age of 4 months he took the Show World by storm, and in the 3 Ĺ years that I showed him he was very rarely beaten.


We attended the Supreme Show (Cat world equivalent to CRUFTS) in May 1986.


Harry won his class and Best of Breed.  Then went on to Win the Group and Finally Best In Show.  When I retired him he had the illustrious title of ďSupreme Grand Premier Hobbit AragornĒ.


In 1991 I applied to the Kennel Club for my Affix and decided on Elessar, which is the name given by the elves to Aragorn (The King in Lord of The Rings) .

 I thought it a very fitting tribute to Harry my much loved and prized Show Cat.

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